by Giovanny Páez Cavanno
…"self-indulgent or excessive contemplation of oneself."
"the art of navel-gazing"

2012 - 2014

During the process it took me to realize this project, which I started based on some ingenious premises, but undoubtedly one of my favorites is trying symbolically describe "the center" as a navel lacking periphery, flat without horizon. On the other hand how understand "the global" Without falling into the rhetoric and ethnocentric identities with respect to that center. Personally I focus one key text on this issue is the Australian critic Terry Smith's 1974 essay “The Provincialism Problem”. Smith argued that modernists from outside the international centers were constantly pulled between
two antithetical terms: a defiant urge for localism (a claim for the possibility and validity of “making good, original art right here”) and a reluctant recognition that the generative innovations in art, and the criteria for standards of “quality,” “originality,” “interest,” “forcefulness,” etc., are determined externally.